Monday, July 23, 2012

Placemat Lesson for Pre-Kinders

Here's a fun little lesson for pre kindergarteners. It's great for teaching shapes (rectangle, circles, triangles), primary colors, and patterns. We started out by printing a pattern on our rectangle placemat with our first primary color, RED. We used foam rollers and tempera paint on white posterboard.
We used rollers like these-to order click here.

These circles were pre-cut, but you could trace and cut depending on the time you have and age level of students. Next, students painted their plates with our second primary color, BLUE, with a big chunky brush.

I love the ready-made tempera paint-click here for info.

After they were painted, we had fun with a little finger painting, and drew a pattern in the wet paint on the plate.

They each drew their own triangles and cut them out. Next step was introducing our third primary color, YELLOW.

Sponge stamping our pepperoni.

We practiced drawing our silverware before we painted it on.

Lastly, we glued everything together with some Elmer's glue. This project took about 1 hour from start to finish (class of 8).

These would also be cute stamped with a name or a cute phrase, and then laminated so they could really be used as a placemat.

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