Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Chagall inspired Story Art

My service student put together this great display of some of the Marc Chagall inspired artworks created by my 5th graders this semester. 

We started off our lesson learning about Marc Chagall and characteristics of his style of abstract art. We watched a great short video on Biography.com that the kids loved, and also looked through two storybooks on Marc Chagall.

Using liquid water colors, students created a colorful background.

I showed a sample of artwork I had created and told a story of my memories behind the pictures-the kids love this! Then I asked each of them to use the back of their paper and brainstorm a list of words that communicated a story or memory they wanted to tell. Then students drew images for each word, turning the page each time so the images floated around the page. Students drew in pencil first, outlined in Sharpie, and then colored in with construction paper crayons.

If you would like to see more samples of student works for this project, visit our gallery over at Artsonia.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Art Journaling Work Desk

Here's a sneak peak of what I've been up to lately in my art journal. 

I joined the challenge over at Documented Faith, so I've been using Stephanie's words and verses as a spring board for my pages.

I've also been trying to keep up with the weekly challenges at The Documented Life Project. Here's one I did with the layers you will love-cover up the good stuff challenge. 

I love Illustrated Faith's Bible journaling techniques, so I've tried a few of my own in my Bible when the inspiration strikes me. It's such a natural way for me to worship and take delight in God's word!

I've also been inspired lately by the colors in my daughter's new bedding. She wants me to paint some new abstract art for her walls, so I've been trying out some things in my journal first.

Can you believe I found these quilts at Walmart for $25 a set, and the cute orange pillows at Home Goods. We are thinking something like this below to place above each bed. I'll be posting pics on Facebook when I get the canvases completed and placed.

And of course, Valentine's Day-hearts are on the top of my list of favorite fun things to paint! Hope you had a LOVEly one:)

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mixed Media Hearts

I wanted to share these Jim Dine inspired mixed media hearts made by my fifth graders. They are are colorful, fun and unique--just like the kids who created them. We made these on recycled cardboard tiles, approximately 4 x 6 inches in size.

First we applied a layer of gesso, and then used tempera paint for the heart and background. I instructed the children to use a contrast of warm and cool colors. We spent a day painting papers with tempera paint, texture tools, and foam stamps.

We used our papers to add a collage element to the entire piece. After the paper was added, we added some more color with oil pastels and sharpies. Last, but not least, we sealed with a glossy coat of Modge Podge. 

I'm planning on putting up all 85 of these on a bulletin board in the 5th grade hall. I'll be sure to post pics on Facebook when I get it done. My only regret was that it wasn't done in time to enjoy the entire month of February. There's always next year, right?!

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