Monday, May 18, 2009

Private lessons

I was so proud of one of my students, Hallie, (she is in first grade!) for her painting in acrylic. She wanted to paint a picture for her grandmother's birthday, and her grandmother loves the Eiffel Tower, so she scheduled a private lesson and she finished this in two hours. I do private lessons on an hourly basis if your child ever wants to paint something special for someone.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Last week of spring art

What a great semester! I enjoyed getting to know all your little artists and have had such a wonderful time with them this spring. We wrapped up the year with collages. Throughout the year, anytime students had extra time at the end of class, I always had paper available to do a small rendering of what we had done that day. I encouraged students to stick to a theme-some di ABCs, fruit, things they liked, etc. We spent our last class finishing up any unfinished projects and assembling the collages. Reminder that make up classes are Monday and the Thursday class still has one more week for my "make-up". Thank you so much for letting me teach your children!

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