Friday, April 1, 2016

How to start an oil, acrylic or mixed media painting on canvas

Over the years, I've painted in acrylics, oils, collage and mixed media, but I usually always start all my paintings basically the same, regardless of the medium. First, I do a rough sketch in my journal. If I'm struggling, I may draw it small a few times.

If it's a very detailed piece and I'm going really large, I may project my drawing, but most of the time I will just redraw it on to the canvas. Since I've been moving more toward an abstract style for my work, I don't worry as much about everything being "perfect". After all, it's my interpretation of the subject, and if it needed to be perfect, I'd just take a picture instead of painting it :)

Next, I sketch my design onto my canvas and go over my pencil drawing with black paint. After that dries, I cover the canvas with a transparent wash of color, usually orange or bright pink. My next step is to block in the darker colors and show where the main contrast areas will be. Then I start the layering process, saving my gel medium and collage for the top layers.

From this point, I will start to add papers and other types of texture. I use brushes in the beginning, and then when I get to the upper layers, I use a palette knife.

Hope you enjoyed getting a sneak peak of my process :) I'm working on a new series of paintings and can't wait to show them to you later in the spring. 

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