Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Traveling Artist

My oldest child plays AAU basketball, so from April till August, we are on the road a lot. When I used to travel for an occasional vacation, I would just bring my art journal and usually a pencil, a small set of watercolor pencils and a few pens. Now, I have quite a collection of supplies that I haul along with me. As my husband affectionately said on our most recent trip, "We have to make room for all mom's arts and "crap" stuff. 

I've seen a lot of posts this summer where artists have shared their travel art kits, so as I packed mine up this week, I took some pictures so I could share with you.

I always include my favorite pens, pencils and a couple brushes. My favorite black and white permanent pens for writing, doodling and accenting, are from Scarlet Lime. I also always bring a few of my gelly roll pens.

For journaling and summer icad 2014, I usually always use the Elmer's painters pens. They blend and cover so well. I also like the Faber Castell pens, but mainly use the white one for accenting.

I bring a credit card for paint, a water brush, my mini mister (Scarlett Lime), sponge, binder clip, some mod podge, some baby wipes in a baggie and scissors. I also like the Uhu glue stick because it doesn't dry up like the other brands.

Have to have my neocolor water-soluble crayons. I use these all the time!

Some of my stamps and an ink pad.

A few small stencils.

A small collection of my favorite colors of ink sprays and acrylic paint. I also bring a small bottle filled with gesso. I usually always bring some of my mini bottle of Golden acrylics (they have a great sampler set that is perfect for traveling), but I forgot them this trip.

I put it all in the small rubber container that snaps shut and had a handle on the top. This is probably 9 x 6, and maybe about 6-7 inches deep. It holds quite a bit, and depending what I put in it, I can usually fit my journal inside (not this time).

I also bring a small baggie with some paper scraps and other elements to help spur my creativity. I have a couple of these for sale in my Etsy Store for $8. They are perfect for traveling, art journaling and mixed media projects.

This trip I took my three favorite journals. One sketch and two mixed media.

It all fits perfectly in this cute little bag that one of my students gave me for Christmas one year.

So there is my current art travel kit. What do you have in yours? Any of your favorites I need to add to mine? 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Index card a day-A creative challenge

If you've been following me on Facebook or Instagram, you've probably seen some of my posts that say #icad2014. If you've been wondering what that means, it stands for Index Card A Day, and it's a creative challenge hosted by Tammy at Daisy Yellow

I've followed Daisy Yellow's blog for awhile, and I've always thought there was no possible way I could find time to fit art into my life everyday. A 60-day creative challenge at this time in my life seemed like an impossible goal. I work full time, have three children and many other activities on my plate. But as I looked through last year's cards and challenges, I started to get inspired and think, "Maybe I really could do this".  So I committed...and it has been a life changing experience in an artistic sense. 

I would highly recommend that if you want to grow as an artist, or just as a creative person, to give ICAD a try. Here's what I've learned in just a short 43 days.

I've learned not to over think, and go with my impulse-to trust myself and my artistic instincts. I really have more natural ability than I give myself credit.

I have shared the challenges with two of my children, ages 12 and 9, and they have loved doing them, plus we have spent quality time together creating.

I've found a great and creative way to memorize and display my favorite scriptures, and share them with others.

When I'm finished, I will have a beautiful supply of cards to use in my art journals, as idea reminders, and for color inspiration.

I have loosened up and started to see my style emerge, and I even like it. 

I've gotten to practice up on my skills like drawing, color, stamping, collage and more.

I'm inspired daily by other artists and their creative ideas-they do things I would never think of.

I've gotten brave and tried things I didn't know I could do-l like carving my own stamps, trying new techniques and experimenting with new materials.

On the downside, I've spent way too much money on art supplies since I started it. Every time I learn about a new product, I want to buy it :)

I have also met so many talented artists through this summer's ICAD challenge, and have been encouraged by their kind words. I have been so inspired, that half the time I don't even need the prompts. They are great prompts, but it's like my creative fire has been ignited! 

 Thank you Tammy for hosting Index Card A Day Challenge. It has really helped me to believe in myself at another level!

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