Thursday, September 15, 2011

Book Review-Learn to be a Bubble Writer

Laurence King Publishing asked if they could send me some art related books to review, and in turn I could keep the books for myself or use for a give away.  I thought, Great Idea, I've always wanted to host a give-away. . .

The books were delivered as promised. It was like Christmas... the kids were sooo excited and rushed to get their markers and crayons for these "awesome" books (their word, not mine). I had to be a fun killer and explain that they couldn't actually use these books because Mommy was going to give them away to her blog readers. BUMMER! 

Then I started researching how all you smart bloggers out there actually set up a give-away. TMI-that stands for TOO MUCH INFORMATION! I still haven't figured it out. Can't I do an old fashioned drawing, or is that against the rules?? I need some advice!

So anyway, here's my honest to goodness review of one of the books they sent me. It's called How to be the Best Bubble Writer in the World EVER, by Linda Scott.

My first impression of the book was disappointment. After all, I am an artist and I love color and pretty images. This book is lacking in both. But upon further examination, I did find some things appealing about this book...and my kids (ages 6, 9 & 12) thought it was really "cool".  As an artist and art teacher, this book would really not be that helpful to me, except possibly for journaling exercise ideas. BUT, as a MOM that's an artist, it would be the perfect gift to give! I already want to give it to all the kids I know. I love to give gifts that foster creativity!

As a book for kids, it would be a great travel companion, something creative for a rainy day, and a helpful tool for making school projects look fun and creative. There's also a lot of ideas for simple creative projects, that I do think, as an art teacher, can help kids develop confidence and their own personal creative style of writing. It's set up almost like a workbook, so ideas can be expressed and recorded in the book. Who knows, it might really teach them to be the best bubble writer ever.

 This book is a paperback and sells for $14.99, which is a great gift price point. It's classified in the "Graphic Design" category on their website. To read a LKP description on this book, or purchase directly from their website, click HERE.

According to their website, Laurence King Publishing was Established in London in 1991, and is now recognized as one of the world's leading publishers of books on the creative arts. Their books are acclaimed for their beautiful design and authoritative text as well as the quality and care taken over their production. They publish books for students, professionals and the general consumer in the following subject areas:advertisingarchitectureartthe decorative artsfashionfilm & animationgraphic designinterior designphotography and product design.

So now you ask..."What about the GIVE AWAY?"

I WILL be giving away one of their books, so if you'd like a chance to win, stay tuned for my next book review, and I will have something figured out by then. In the meantime, check out their website HERE. I found that I already owned a couple of the books that they publish.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Art by Stacy Spangler at Scallions Restaurant

I'm forever thankful to Rachael Crosby at Scallions Restaurant here in Little Rock for allowing me to display my artwork for the first time ever! I was so nervous about asking, but I finally got up the nerve. I have 14 pieces on display, and the most wonderful part is that almost all of them have scripture in them somewhere! I'm praying that His Word will speak to all those that see! 

 If you live in Central Arkansas, and never eaten at Scallions, you really need to pay them a visit. Not just to see my art : ), but for a great lunch experience. It's one of my all time favorite places to eat, and especially when the weather is nice because they have a great outdoor patio. It's one of those fun, girly places to go, with mouth watering cheese soup, delicious chicken salad with grapes, and raspberry ice tea!

 I know I always show you pictures of the wonderful art created by my students, but today I thought I'd take an opportunity to share some of my art that I've created over the past year. You can find all these pieces for sale at Scallions!

I also had the opportunity to create an anniversary piece for a very special couple. I was commissioned by their daughter to create a custom piece of art for them-did you know that the "traditional" gift for a 26th anniversary is an original work of art? I felt to honored to put this piece together. Their favorite place is Paris, so I incorporated favorite landmarks, with a lot of other things that have a special place in their hearts. 

I'll be resuming my art classes in September with two homeschool groups and a bunch or after school painting workshops. Hope to have some new stuff for you soon!

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