Saturday, April 18, 2015

Painted paper still life

Although this project took four to five, 30 minute class periods, the results were well worth it. They turned out so cute, and the kids really had fun designing their own bouquets. 

These were done by my 5th grade students. I have four fifth grade classes of 20-24 students each. I have each class for 40 minutes either 2 or 3 times a weeks, depending on the block schedule. It took two weeks to complete this whole process.

Day one: Using recycled cardboard and sticky backed foam, students spent a day creating a stamp and stamping a tempera paint background onto chip board.

Students spent another day making painted papers to use for the flowers, vases and table for their still life. This was a great activity to get hands on time mixing colors and creating texture.

Once a week, we practice drawing skills in a sketch book,  so I tied that activity into this lesson and taught the children how to draw various flowers, leaves and vases, and they practiced this in their sketchbooks.

From their designs they sketched lightly onto the backside of the painted papers and then started cutting their vases, flowers, stems and leaves out and attaching with Elmer's glue.

We gave the finished piece a good coat of Mod Podge.

Children will get these back in time to take home for Mother's Day.

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