Sunday, June 16, 2013

Recycle your Magazines into Handmade Cards

I ran across a great post on Pintrest about how to recycle old magazines into hand-made paper. I won't repost the instructions because they are great in the original post-you can find them HERE.

I started off with seven magazines pages, a little gel medium and a roller. After the glue dried I added the stitching with my daughter's sewing machine (I don't sew). Then added a little gesso and my paper was done.

It turned out so awesome, I had to make something else out of it, so I decided a hand-made greeting card would be nice.

All the pieces I used were re-purposed.

I left the inside blank, but did add some color. Beats paying $5.99 for a card at the store-this one was basically FREE :)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Beach Time Paintings

No, I'm not teaching any workshops this summer :( But I did donate a group lesson to our school auction, and I got to paint with a fun group of girls yesterday! Made me want to go to the beach!

This is a fun summer painting lesson to learn about using lines to draw shapes...

About landscapes and horizon lines....

Shading and complementary colors...

Warm and cool colors and how they add depth and distance...

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Start a Summer Art Journal with Your Child

A monsoon rain welcomed us into our first official day of summer, and my youngest child woke up at her normal 6 a.m., so what's a mom to do? I'm trying to make a conscious effort to avoid turning on the T.V. every "bored" moment this summer, so I tempted her with my favorite past So far this has been her favorite thing to do this summer! We have had so much fun together-great quality time, plus we are creating a memory book that we can enjoy for years to come.

I challenge you to start one with your child this summer. It's really simple and I will be posting our ideas on Facebook (follow me on Sleepyhead Designs Studios) weekly, so you can steal from us! We started out with a Visual Journal from Hobby Lobby. Any type of notebook will do, but I like this one because the pages are thick and will accept all kinds of medium.

We wrote our "rules" on the first page. They are:
1) Can only draw in journal together, at the same time.
2) Can't copy each other, but can steal ideas-Same, but different.
3) Can't say, "Yours is better" or "Mine is terrible". Can say, "Next time I'll try it this way or that way"-learn from our mistakes.

We did the first day with a hot glue gun and water colors paints. My daughter picked the subject.

We accented with sharpie and learned about how God cares for us. Luke 12:24-25 and Matthew 6:26.

My girl picked this activity out-she wanted to draw fruit people. She drew a Pear Woman and I did Grampy Grapes.

Well...daughter #2 got a little envious of all my creating time with daughter #3, so we started journal #2 :) One of our favorite things to do together is to take turns drawing a person, and being surprised at the results. One person draws the head, other person draws the get the idea?

When we are finished, we name the person, describe some things about them and color them in. Always a fun activity that gets some giggles. You can even do "creatures".

Here's a simple collage created with Mod Podge and scrapbook papers.

I promise you don't have to be an "art person" to start one of these. Your child will love your creativity, and love whatever you draw together. If writing is more your thing you could even write stories or poems together. It's great bonding time and creates memories that you can treasure forever. I hope this gives you enough ideas to get you started. I also have a board on Pintrest titled "Art Journals" that has some great ideas. Remember to follow me on Facebook and I will post a weekly idea that we've done together. I'd love to see some of the ideas you come up with.

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