Monday, January 25, 2016

Painting for Fun and scripture art

Often when I tell people I'm an artist, or that I painted all day, they say, "Oh, how relaxing, or how fun!" But the reality is, when you paint as your full time job, or try to make it generate an income, it's not always fun and relaxing. Just like a regular job, you have deadlines, plus an aching back and feet, ruined clothes, and a very messy house.  And for me, there is another factor-- you see, I am a recovering perfectionist. For a very long time I wouldn't even attempt to pick up a paint brush, much less sell my art, because I couldn't make my art look like the idea I had in my head, or like someone else's art that I had decided was worthy. So, I didn't even try. Old habits die hard. That voice in my head comes back anytime I attempt to create something out of my comfort zone, like for instance, a commissioned piece of art. But as an artist, you have to learn to keep challenging yourself.

Still though, in between projects,  I have to paint just for me. I paint in the colors I love, and paint things that don't stress me out, like hearts and flowers and crosses. I let my style be loose and free and enjoy the process. And since I love having scripture scattered throughout my house, I usually include some of my favorite verses. It wasn't until I learned to paint that way, that it became fun for me. I guess that is when you discover your own style, and those are the days I love my job. Some days, when I'm feeling critical of myself, wishing my style was more like someone else's, I have to remind myself that then it wouldn't be my art, and I probably wouldn't still be painting, much less trying to earn a living from it.

So I hope you enjoy some of the pieces I created over the past week. It was a fun week of painting. Maybe they will bless your home or bring a smile to someone's face. These pieces will be available at the Painted Tree Vintage market this weekend. 

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