Thursday, January 14, 2016

Bible Journaling Event at Lifeway Christian Bookstore

By chance, while I was on Lifeway Christian Bookstore's website the other day, I noticed they had a free Bible journaling event taking place at all their locations, so I decided to stop by the store in my area. It turned out to be a great event and totally blessed my morning. I think it was totally a God-ordained appointment for me. I met so many wonderful women, and we received two instructional books with samples, plus we got to try out a lot of the supplies they have available for Bible Journaling. I found a new pen, that I actually had never tried before, and loved it. (tried microns before, but never the Graphic line) I was also excited to see their collection of Journaling Bibles in a variety of translations. It seems like when I ordered mine a couple years ago, ESV was the only option. There is also a Lifeway App for your phone that offers a 40% off coupon!

I've always doodled and taken notes in my Bible - much to the dismay of certain people in my family who still think you should not "trash" your Bible- but I really love the Bible journals because they have the extra space in the outside margins. The Bible I am working on now is going to be a graduation gift for my oldest daughter. She graduates next year, so hopefully I can have it completed in time. Then I will start on one for my middle daughter, and hopefully by the time all three of my girls graduate, they will have their own Bible from mom, and I will have visually ingrained a lot of scripture into my head :) That is the best way for me to learn and remember. (Psalm 119:11)

If you are intimidated by the creative side of this concept, just do the old fashioned written journal, and write out your prayers, notes, etc. You can even use pretty washi tapes to insert special keepsake items into your Bible. I know my sister got one of my grandmother's Bibles, and it was so impactful to read her comments and insight into scripture she had scratched out in the small margins.

 There are two online artists that really introduced me to Bible Journaling about a year and a half ago. Stephanie Ackerman with Documented Faith, and Shanna Noel with Illustrated Faith. I have taken an online course from Stephanie Ackerman, and I would highly recommend it. My handwriting is not my favorite thing, but I continue to practice and practice. Stephanie's course really showed me the basics and some helpful tips.

I believe the Lifeway store is expanding their Bible journaling line, so if this is all new to you you might go browse their store (and no, I'm not getting paid to say that). I just have grown so much in my Bible knowledge by incorporating it into a God given passion of mine. I post post some of my daily Bible journaling entries on my Instagram. You can follow me HERE. Or to see some really amazing entries out there, take a look on Pintrest. There are so many ideas out there!


Have a great weekend!

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