Thursday, June 7, 2012

What I learned at Summer Art Camp!

"I learned how to make the right brushstrokes..."
Yes! We learned how to paint the correct way and use brushstrokes to get certain effects.

"I learned how to draw a fish..."
Yes! We had so much fun using our imaginations and designing our own fish.

"I learned how to draw a crab..."
Yes! We learned how easy it is to use lines and shapes to draw objects!

"I learned about colors that look good together..."
Yes! We learned about complementary colors and the color wheel.

"I learned about how landscapes can be oceans, forests, or other things..."
Yes! We learned about finding our horizon line and how to paint a landscape.

"I learned how to use texture to make your painting look neat..."
Yes! We learned what types of products to use to build up a texture on a canvas before we paint on it.

"I leaned how to paint in a dry brush method..."
Yes! We learned various acrylic painting techniques.

"I learned about making things look bigger and smaller in a painting..."
Yes! We learned about perspective and how it can impact our paintings.

We laughed, made new friends and had a blast! Great first week of art camp!

Check back in the upcoming weeks as I post pic tutorials of how to do each painting.

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