Monday, June 11, 2012

Painting Fun Fish

This painting project is perfect for summer and allows student to use their imagination, learn about mixing color, and master basic drawing and acrylic painting techniques.

First we painted a 20 x 16 stretch canvas with cool colors for the water.

Next, using white chalk, students learned about geometric and organic shapes and then used their creativity to design their own fish. I always have students practice drawing first on a piece of paper so they can plan their design before putting it onto the canvas. Baby wipes work great to make any corrections to chalk or paint.

Next, we outlined everything with white acrylic paint, and then mixed our colors by adding white to our primary and secondary colors to make some beautiful new color tints.

After this was dry, we had to add some bling to our fish. We embellished using gems, sequins, and glitter glue. I guess this makes it a mixed media piece, right?

Lots of great teachable moments with this painting and the girls really seemed to have fun with it. I love seeing the individual designs. This project could also be adapted easily to a larger classroom setting by using paper and tempera paints. Students who painted these are between the ages of 6 and 10.


  1. These fish are so much fun Stacy! The white outline gives them a batik feel. Hope you're enjoying your summer so far! School's out for us on Thursday.

  2. Thanks Mary! Was going for the "Fresh Produce" clothing line fish look :) I can't believe you are just getting out of school-we've been out since May 25 here! Have a great summer!


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