Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Adult Painting Workshop

This spring I held my first ever "Adult Painting Workshop". The workshop was 4 weeks long and taught everything one needs to know to get started painting with acrylics. I tried to cover it all, from brushes, products, styles of painting, mixed medium, special effects, texture to getting your painting started, values, perspective, color mixing, inspiration and top coats. Painters created one abstract of their choice, and then they all painted a still life together. Here's some of the beautiful paintings.

This one's not quite finished.

I had five very talented ladies!

Here was our still life set up


  1. These are lovely! I especially love the first one. How did the painter achieve the mottled look of grey& green?

  2. Thanks JennyKay! She actually applied several layers of paint-some dripped and then a dry brush technique over it. On top of all that she used a distress ink pad.


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