Saturday, June 21, 2014

Art Journal Sneak Peak

 I don't know why, but I've get envious when I see pictures of overstuffed art journals.

I have so many unfinished projects…I hope I'm not alone here.? And I'm the worst at starting Art Journals. I've started about 10 different ones, and have yet to fill one, until just recently. I challenged myself this spring to have at least one art journal completed by summer. I know summer has already started, but I can officially say this one is ALMOST finished. 

Here's a sneak peak into this journal-thought I would highlight of some of my favorite pages. 
My journals are mainly mixed media...

I use them as a place to play with new mediums and products…

Experiment with new techniques…


Record ideas and color combos…

Be thankful and worship.

When I get it totally finished, I promise I will give you a tour! 


  1. Hello from Dori in Iowa! I love your pages!!! I too dream of sharing a full book! I'm close! Have you considered a journal flip video on YouTube? That would be wonderful! Cheers, and congrats on this gorgeous book!

  2. Very pretty! I enjoy your color choices and love the Pom Pom edges!

  3. This journal is gorgeous!!! Love everything I see. Very inspiring!


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