Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Am I a hoarder?

So my husband has called me a hoarder; others have referred to me as a pack rat. But I just can't help it... I can't throw things away. I realize maybe it's gotten out of control when I can't throw away dried up paint. There's something about it-it's shiny on one side, stretchy and beautiful, pure color.

So yes, I admit it, I peel them off the plates and palettes and keep them in a bowl, just waiting for some sort of inspiration to hit me on how to use them.  I saw a Robert Burridge post where he had painted some really cool abstract "circus birds" and used paint chips. Well, as I was decorating the outside of an old book that I'm making into a journal, it finally hit me.  I needed something to cover the binding and was so glad I had collected my little bowl of dried paint chips.

I just used some gel medium to glue the paint circles down the side. I think it added a really cool dimension to it. Any other ideas of something else I could use them for? I'm trying to come up with a lesson that incorporates them.

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  1. Well, welcome to the group! :) I always think one day I will use that! :)


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