Monday, August 15, 2011

Abstract Masks

This is a fun lesson that I did with one of my home school classes a couple years ago that I was reminded of after seeing a post over at Mary Making. Atlanta artist Kimmy Cantrell was our inspiration for these, along with various lessons I'd seen on other art lesson blogs. This lesson was completed over a two week time period because we had to have time for the clay to dry. 

Materials we used: 
 8 x 10 canvas board
Acrylic paint and metallic paints
Texture tools and rubber stamps
E600 glue
Hardware like nails, screws, wire, etc.

First, have students create their design on paper. This is a great lesson to introduce clay, clay techniques, texture and abstract art. Roll out the clay and attach any pieces using proper clay techniques. Use texture tools and stamps on clay. Insert hardware and allow to dry for a couple days. After clay is dry paint the whole thing black and let dry completely. Paint over black with acrylic and metallic paints. We glued these to a canvas board painted black and then sealed it all with an acrylic. 


  1. Great versatile idea with model magic! They are all so unique displaying the children's individuality ! Love them!

  2. Thanks JennyKay! These were actually done with Crayola Air Dry Clay though-see pic above. It's quite a bit different than model magic.

  3. I love the mixed media clay projects.
    Beautiful colors and patterns.


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