Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mixed Media Workshop

I love creating with mixed media, and I love teaching others some of the techniques I've learned from others or just by experimenting. With mixed media, the sky is the limit for your creativity, and it really challenges you to create outside the box. One of my staples when doing a mixed media art is gel medium. I love the Golden line. It's so fun to experiment with all their different ones. I've listed my favorites below. The sampler set is a great way to start. Just try them all out to see which ones you like best.

Gel mediums are great for creating texture, adhering papers and giving your paint a little something extra. I taught a workshop this week with some older students, ages 4th-8th grade. I let them have a little more freedom with color choices and composition. I just gave them the subject and taught them some new techniques using texture and gels. I loved the way their paintings turned out...if only we would have had more time.

And more peacock paintings this week.

One of my other favorite things to use to create texture is modeling paste. You can build up layers create all kinds of texture.

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