Thursday, July 14, 2016

Let's make lemonade-A creative spin on judging others.

As a self taught artist, I love the experimentation process and feel my style is constantly evolving. While I use mainly acrylics, you will always catch glimpses of a variety of other elements in my artwork. I enjoy the use of bright color, contrasting values, heavy texture and collage. I use my hands, brushes and a palette knife to build up multiple layers of paint, papers and acrylic medium, resulting in a heavy distressed texture.

I love to paint not only because it is a natural way for me to express myself, but because it offers a visual record of things God has impressed upon my heart and mind, as well as helping me communicate those truths to others.

I recently painted this Mixed Media on Canvas for a scripture/art challenge at my church. My scripture passage was Matthew 7:1-7. I focused on the part of the scripture that says, “for in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured”, I was immediately convicted of my own struggle in this area. It is much easier for me to focus on where others aren’t measuring up, instead on focusing on my own growth. 

Since I tend to naturally bring a light-hearted and whimsical spin to my artwork, the old saying of making lemonade out of lemons, came to mind. The message I tried to relay in this painting is that as Christian’s we can love the world around us, recognize the good in others, and offer refreshment instead of judgement, showing God’s grace in a tangible way. 

This painting will be on display at Fellowship Bible Church in Rogers and also in Fayetteville in the upcoming months. If you are an artist in Northwest Arkansas, and would like to learn more about using your art for praise, worship, fellowship prayer and service, see Spectra's information HERE.

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