Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Family Tree Collages

I held a collage class a couple weeks ago to create a special Mother's Day work of art. Each student brought 3-4 pieces of coordinating scrapbook paper, so the papers would be something their mother liked.

First they painted a 16 x 20 stretched canvas with an acrylic paint that complemented their papers. Then, using a rubber texture tool they created their background designs.

While the background was drying, students used templates to trace and cut their shapes. Tracing was done on the back of scrapbook paper to minimize tracing lines.

I had pre-printed the text boxes ahead of time-Bible verse and family names.

After cutting out the shapes, students arranged the pieces on the canvas before glueing. Mod Podge was used to glue down the paper, layer by layer, being careful to remove bubbles. A coat of Mod Podge was applied over the top of everything when finished. This process took 2 hours.

At our next session students painted accents (scalloped edges, etc.) and outlined everything with a Sharpie marker. This process took about an hour.

Isn't it amazing how the designs are all the same, yet they are each are so unique.  Girls wrapped these up before taking them home so they surprise their mom on Mother's Day. Special thanks to Things With Wings for being our artist inspiration.


  1. These family collages are great - I love the addition of the text of the Bible verse!

  2. Oh wow! this is so cool! I was just doing a "Things With Wings" search on pinterest out of curiosity, to see what all would come up, :-) and found your photo!!! we're honored to be the inspiration!!! they turned out great and thanks for sharing - and fyi, we're going to share this post on our fb page!!! - jill at Things With Wings


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