Monday, May 2, 2011

Folk Art Neighborhoods

I loved this lesson that I saw at Lines, Dots and Doodles on Folk Art Neighborhoods. Her lesson was inspired by Karla Gerard-I just loved her artwork! It inspired me try it with my kids for some artwork for our playroom. We used acrylic paint and stretched canvas. Here's the play by play.

The small one on the top right was done by my 6 year old.
The bottom right was painted by my 9 year old. The larger left painting is mine. We had so much fun painting these!


  1. So happy to see you back! And with such a cool project! I still haven't forgotten the interview idea, I am just working out the format. Hope you won't lose patience with me. :)

  2. Such happy paintings! Love the colors and patterns.

  3. those paintings are wonderful! All three are just charming and I love them! Now that I am going to finish school, I hope I can do some projects with my kids and share them too! Thank you for the inspiration!!


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