Sunday, January 9, 2011

Potato Stamping

This is one of my favorite projects that I do with my younger students to introduce stamping and texture techniques. I always do it in the spring around mother's day and the students' can't wait to surprise their mom's with a family portrait.

You will need a canvas hard board. Acrylic paints. Potatoes. Oil Pastels. Sea Sponges.

First we use sea sponges to make a neutral but textured background. I used a sky blue, and darker blue and white and had them dab on in layers with the sea sponges. Let this dry. Usually I will do this step at the end of our previous class so they will be dry and ready to stamp next class session.

Pre mix skin toned acrylic paint and put on paper plates for stamping. Cut your potatoes in different sizes depending on your age ranges for the students siblings.

Tip: Remind students to leave room for part of their bodies and also enough room
up top for their hair. Stamp your heads on with the potatoes, using smaller ones
for the younger children in the family.

When the skin paint dries, have students use oil pastels to draw arms, clothes, hair and facial features. Also, student may want to draw a frame around the outside edge, or sometimes I will have the students stamp a frame. When finished, these are always favorites of both the parents and students!


  1. These prints are so freaking adorable. No wonder moms love them! I can't wait to try it.

  2. Aaaaw- these are so cute! What an unusual idea to use potato prints for the faces. Thanks for sharing!


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