Sunday, November 15, 2009

Scribble Art

This is a fun lesson that I usually do at the first of the year. I got the idea out of an art education book--the only problem is that I made a copy of the page thinking the title was at the bottom, but it wasn't. Anyway, this is a great little lesson to your creative brain warmed up, or a good time filler/killer. The kids always seem to get into it once they get started. First, I give a short lesson on "lines" and we practice drawing them curvy, straight, wavy, etc... Give each student a large piece of white construction paper and a pencil. Instruct them to make all types of lines on their paper without ever lifting up their pencil. When they have filled up their paper then have them start looking for things--I always ask them first if they have ever played the game where they look at the clouds and find things. I encourage them to work together to "see" things. (Be sure and don't tell them what they will be doing before they make their lines because then as they scribble, they will "try" to make it look like something.) When they have identified a few things, ask them to pick their favorite and outline it with a black sharpie. Let them use markers, crayons or oil pastels to color it in.

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