Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mixed Media Snowmen

We are supposed to be getting some cold weather this week so I thought I'd get everyone in the mood with a snowman project. Also, I made a new blog friend over at MaryMaking, and her cute snowman post reminded me of this project I did with my art class last winter. I wish I could find more of the pictures of all the cute snowmen the kids made-they were so fun and creative. I'm still trying to organize pictures, so maybe I'll run across them. These take 2-one hour class sessions and are painted on a canvas panel. After painting the canvas a sky blue color, I had the students make the snowmen and ground snow out of modeling paste-it gives great dimension. The modeling paste will have to dry so this is all done the first class, along with some of the embellishments. Next class, we painted the snowmen, added highlights and shadows, and glued on all the embellishments like real stick arms, fabric scarves, and real buttons. The carrot noses were made from model magic clay and painted (created the first class). Last, we added sparkle paint to the snow to give it a nice shimmer. In this lesson I teach about texture and mixed media art.

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  1. These are great! What a wonderful idea for a blog--I love to see artwork made by children!


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