Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Favorite Children's Art Lessons

Since I'm taking a short break from teaching and blogging, just thought I'd highlight some of my favorite art lessons that I've taught over the years. If you are new to my blog, it will be a quick way for you to get a sampling of my projects and posts over the past five years.

I love art projects using recycled materials-to see my favorites, click HERE & HERE.

Kids always love using texture in their paintings, like with these cupcakes. To see my favorite mixed media lessons, click HERE and HERE.

Who can say no to Santa! Click HERE &HERE to see my favorite holiday themed lessons.

I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie...To see some fun Art & Literature lessons, click HEREHERE.

To see my favorite collage lessons, click HERE and HERE.

To see some fun projects with clay, click HERE and HERE.

To see my favorite simple lessons for little ones, click HERE and HERE.

I love to teach children to copy the greats, to see my favs, click HERE &  HERE.

And my favorite lessons of all, are those that include God's word...for lessons incorporating scripture, click HERE and HERE.

I hope you found something you liked. I'd love to hear what your favorite post was!

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