Saturday, February 20, 2010

More Hearts

I got this project idea from Art Projects for Kids.( (click here) for her version). I used the aluminum sheets (instead of foil) and made the lines "embossed". We also used permanent markers. This is a great lesson to teach primary and secondary colors. I used this for my K-3rd home school art class and taught them about lines, shapes and warm and cool colors. We used Jim Dine as our inspiration artist and I introduced Pop Art style.

We also did the fiber art heart lesson in my two advanced classes and the kids loved it (click here for lesson)

Just wanted to show a couple samples of the ones the kids made. They all turned out really cute! I also used this lesson to introduce Jim Dine to them and we talked about mixed media. It ended up taking about 2-1/2 hours total to complete this project.


  1. Thes hearts are great! And I'd love to teach kids someday. Your blog is so inspiring!

  2. love the heart atr, we just exhibited our student Heart Art last week, there are photos on my blog.

  3. LOVE these! I want to go make one now!


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