Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fiber Art Hearts

I've been working on my project line-up for my spring classes, and I always like to either have my own children try out my new ideas, or try them out myself. I really wanted to do something cute for Valentines Day, so I came up with the idea to do fiber art hearts. These will probably take two-one hour classes. I think the one I did turned out really cute. I used 100% muslin for the hearts, acrylic paint, sparkle Mod Podge and fabri-tac glue.

I cut out my heart shapes and secured them to the table with painters tape. Then I applied a heavy coat of gesso and let dry. This dries pretty quick.

Next, I painted both hearts with a red acrylic paint and let dry completely. Then I decorated my heart with a fun design and decoupaged on my verse. I downloaded this cute font from, to get yours for free chick here.

I decided I wanted to add a ruffle last minute so I primed another piece of fabric and painted up my ruffle. I outlined the edges in black sharpie.

Next I used my faithful ole Fabri-Tac to glue everything together, leaving a small hole so I could give it some stuffing. I glued the ribbon hanger in from the inside on the back side.

Then I stuffed it with a couple of plastic sacks-free and green.

I secured it with in little button at the top just to make sure the ribbon held tightly.

I be trying this with my advanced classes this semester so I'll post pics of their creations.


  1. Really cute...never thought of stuffing with plastic (clever)....i love the colors you chose, too

  2. Love these hearts, I might try them after I work on the selotape sculpture with my class, they are perfect for valentines day

  3. Love it and the pattern in gorgeous! I did a similar 'puffy heart' project but never thought of using plastic bags for stuffing- brilliant!


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